International students come to schools like IEI with a common goal: To improve their English skills. Learning English involves many skills like reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, and grammar. However, when students talk about their goal, they almost always say, “I want to speak English well.”

Speaking is a key part of our curriculum. We have conversation classes at all six levels, and these classes include pronunciation and presentation skills.

Do you want to talk comfortably with Americans? Or are you worried about the speaking section of the TOEFL? Perhaps you need to be able to make presentations in English, or you simply want to improve your English pronunciation. Here’s the best of our speaking advice for all of these purposes.


50 fantastic places to practice English with Americans – You’ll find two conversation-starter questions for each location. We’ve included some local links for our students here in Nashville, but you can use these ideas in any city.


Preparing for the TOEFL: Building Speaking Skills – Learn what kinds of speaking tasks are on the TOEFL and how to best practice for them. We can also help you in our conversation classes.


Dos and Don’ts for great English presentations – This infographic is full of tips to  help you present effectively.

Speaking English with Confidence: 2 Ways to Fake It ‘til You Make It! – Do presentations make you nervous? Learn simple tricks to boost your confidence as you give a presentation in English.


The secret to rhythm in English pronunciation – Learn about how to stress (and not stress) the correct words when you speak English. This will make it easier for native speakers to understand you.

Make your English pronunciation clear with thought groups – Speaking in thought groups is a key to improving your fluency.

Three ways to pronounce a final “s” in English + 3 ways to pronounce “-ed” in English (and how to use the right one) – These two posts cover word endings that give English students a lot of confusion. We explain the rules and give plenty of examples.

Which of these posts was the most useful to you? Is there another speaking topic that we should cover? Let us know in the comments!