It’s springtime here in Nashville! Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and we’re putting away our winter coats and enjoying the warm weather.

The word spring has several meanings in English. It’s a season, a piece of coiled wire, a body of water, and a verb. Lots of idioms use the word spring. Read these sentences and see if you understand the bold idioms; then scroll down to check your answers.

(Remember, the verb spring is irregular. The past form can be sprang or sprung; the past participle is sprung.)

Spring idiom challenge

  1. When the alarm at the fire station rang, the firefighters sprang into action.
  2. My elderly neighbor is no spring chicken, but he still runs five miles every morning.
  3. I had a spring in my step after my favorite soccer team won the match.
  4. I’ll spring for an appetizer if you want to share it with me.
  5. This sunny weather gives me spring fever; I don’t want to sit indoors and study!
  6. I was surprised when she sprung the news on me.
  7. I need a topic for my essay, but nothing is springing to mind.
  8. Oh no! Our boat has sprung a leak, and now it’s sinking.
  9. I sprang to my feet to open the door for her.
  10. The students sprang to life when the teacher introduced a game.

Spring idiom answers

  1. to spring into action – to take action quickly
  2. to be no spring chicken – to not be young
  3. to have a spring in one’s step – to clearly be in a good mood
  4. to spring for something – to pay for something as a treat for someone else
  5. spring fever – a restless feeling caused by springtime
  6. to spring something on someone – to give someone unexpected news
  7. to spring to mind – to come to mind quickly
  8. to spring a leak – to develop a leak
  9. to spring to one’s feet – to stand up quickly
  10. to spring to life – to suddenly become active

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