Are you looking for an English school in the U.S.? The United States is a large and diverse country. It has many cities with different characteristics. Which location is best for you?

You should consider Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, a state in the southeastern U.S. About 650,000 people live here, and it is an ideal place to live and study English.


Here are a few reasons to study here:

You can travel easily in and out of Nashville.

  • Fly in or out on one of Nashville International Airport’s 450 daily flights.
  • Plan a road trip! Nashville is a day’s drive from over half of the U.S. population. Atlanta, St. Louis, and Memphis are a morning’s drive away. You can reach Chicago, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, or Washington D.C. in a day by car.

The people in Nashville are friendly.

Nashville-students.pngThe weather is beautiful.

  • Enjoy our warm summers (average July high of 32°C) and mild winters (average January high of 8°C).

Nashville is an international city.

  • Live and study in a diverse and welcoming city. Almost 12 percent of Nashville’s population is foreign-born.
  • You’ll find restaurants, shops, places of worship, and community organizations representing cultures from around the world.


You’ll never be bored in Nashville.

  • Catch your favorite rock band, attend a symphony concert, or hear the newest country music act.  Nashville is known as “Music City USA” and has the best music scene in the U.S.
  • Visit our world-class art museum, see a touring Broadway show, or dance all night at many nightclubs.
  • Attend free festivals and concerts all year long.

Nashville is a center of higher education.


You can enjoy outdoor adventures.

  • Explore the great outdoors at Nashville’s 184 parks and 190 miles of trails.
  • Hike, camp, swim, or boat at one of Tennessee’s beautiful rivers, lakes, and state parks. Explore breathtaking scenery at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most-visited national park in the U.S.

Nashville has exciting sports.

Logo_IEI_New squareAre you ready to study English in Nashville?

IEI is Nashville’s oldest and most-respected English school.

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