Today’s featured student writing is by Nahal from Iran. Her essay is about maintaining a youthful body and mind.

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There are many reasons that can make you older than your real age. These reasons sometimes make us happy. For example, some of us when we are young and we want to show that we are not child, we are grown enough to make decisions for ourselves. So, we wear women’s clothes instead of teens and makeup can make us older than we are. Our behavior changes others’ minds to guess our age. Also, thinking about political news and social problems when we are thirteen years old makes others think we are 25 or more!

Sometimes we want to look younger than our real age. Because of this, we don’t wear boring clothes, we choose clothes with sharp colors and use jewelry and make our face like young people. Using happy color like pink in our face makes us reduce our age until 19 years old!

At sixty years old, by changing one’s hair color into dark, we can seem much younger than we are. By keeping our body fit an exercising, we can reduce the process of growing old and we can have succulent face to show us much younger than people think!

But we should try to keep young power by being happy all the time and there are many things that can make us happy like communicating with joyful people, and joining happy events. Also, helping poor people and everything that makes us wholesome!

In my opinion, we should be satisfied about our age. In every age of life, we should do our best and not permit ourselves to regret staying with us and always loving ourselves with our whole situation!