IMG_6896.JPGMihrab Khlil is a new student at IEI. She began studying with us last week as the May/June term began.

Mihrab is originally from Khartun, Sudan. However, she has lived and studied in Pakistan. There, she earned a degree in pharmacy (the science of preparing medicines).

Mihrab moved to Nashville six months ago. She has been working as a nurse assistant in the emergency room at Saint Thomas Hospital. Her goal is to work as a pharmacist here in Nashville. First, she must take the IELTS to show her English proficiency. Then, she can get her license to practice as a pharmacist here in Tennessee.

Because of her busy job, Mihrab is only taking a writing class at IEI this term. She hopes to take more classes in the coming months so that she can make a good score on the IELTS and achieve her goal.

We wish you luck, Mihrab! We are glad that you joined the IEI family.