seryunMeet Seryun Kim, a successful accountant and former IEI student from Incheon, South Korea.

Seryun came to IEI in 2005 at the recommendation of a family friend here in Tennessee. At first, “I was so afraid and shy about using English,” she says, “but all of the teachers treated me as their family.”

She became close friends with many classmates. Her favorite memory of IEI is the school’s camping trip. She especially enjoyed cooking marshmallows over a bonfire and making s’mores, an American camping tradition.

As she progressed through the levels at IEI and became more confident, Seryun set her sights on university study in the U.S. She later studied at Middle Tennessee State University, then started her career as an assistant at an accounting firm. After five years of experience in accounting, she became an accountant at Intellistone, a stone countertop business in Franklin, Tennessee.

Seryun is one of many students who have a family tradition of studying at IEI. Her younger sister, Saebom, and several cousins have followed in her footsteps and studied English with us.

Seryun has good advice for new IEI students:

You might struggle with speaking English, and learning might take more time for you than other people. I came to the USA when I was 19. I have been here for 12 years, and I am still learning English, but I’m working with American co-workers and having fun with them. You might see improvement slowly, but just enjoy IEI! I recommend IEI to everyone who needs to study English.