Our May/June students learned a lot and improved their English skills, including writing. You can see the best work from all of our writing students in the May/June 2017 Globe.

Below, check out two of our students’ writing. We will feature work from level 4-6 in the next few weeks.

Living in the City

by Yazeed (Saudi Arabia)

I agree that living in the city is better because I can find anything I want in the city. For example, if I want to go to the gym, stores, or restaurant I can. If I want to talk with people or see people, I can. I am sure to find anything and everything in the city. People may have a different idea or feel differently about living in the city or the country, but I like the city. In the country, I can’t find stores or restaurants or gyms or many people because everything is very far away. I can’t walk, only take a car, but in the city I can walk or use a car without a problem. This is why living in the city is my favorite.

My Mother

by Elder (Guatemala)

My mother is a beautiful woman of average height with curly hair, and her skin is white. As every human being goes through any stages of their life, my mother, too, had to go through all those stages.

Since childhood, she had to go through very hard things. Her mom did not want her, so she gave her to her grandmother. She did not see her mother until age five.

Her childhood was hard. When she got to be a teenager, her grandmother died. After that, she moved to her mother’s house. Now things started to change. Her mother started to love her, and from there everything was different between them.

A few years later, she met my dad. They started dating, and she got pregnant with my first brother. When my dad found out, he got so mad! He told her that he did not want children yet, and he left her. It was so hard for her, but she never abandoned her son because she knew what it was to be abandoned.

Time passed. Six years later, she saw my dad again. He met his son for the first time, and he fell in love with him. So he asked my mom if she still loved him and if she wanted to live with him. My mom said, “Of course I love you! I’ve been waiting all these years for you.” Then they got married and had eight more children.

What I like the most about my mom is that she never gives up. I admire her a lot, and I love her with all my heart.