US-Turkish Pride, Chicago by quinn.anya is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Mesut, a Writing 4 student from Turkey, explains the differences between his home country and the United States in this essay. Download The Globe to read more from out May/June 2017 writing students!

What is the difference between Turkey and the USA? There are three main differences between Turkey and the USA. These differences are opportunities, human rights, and history.

First, the USA has more opportunities than Turkey. The USA economy is bigger than Turkey. A lot of huge companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google are from the USA. Therefore, the USA is able to offer more jobs than Turkey. Turkey has fewer educational opportunities than the USA. Furthermore, in the USA, we can get different kinds of education. We can develop ourselves more in the USA than in Turkey. For instance, the USA has a lot of universities; some of them are the best in the world such as Harvard University. In contrast, Turkey has no universities as successful as in the USA. That’s why a lot of people from Turkey want to get education in the USA.

Secondly, a difference is human rights. In the USA, human rights are more protected than in Turkey. This is clearly illustrated in worker rights. In Turkey, while working, if someone dies or is injured, nothing happens to that company. In contrast, in the USA, if something happens to you while working, you have a lot of rights to protect you. The company might even have to compensate all your life. In addition, the USA has more minority rights. For example, Turkey has just one official language which is Turkish. But the USA has at least two official languages which are English and Spanish. For instance, when I came to the USA, I didn’t know any basic English. I had to speak to the bank and when I called the bank, they asked me which language I spoke and then I spoke to some Turkish people who helped me solve my problem, even though I couldn’t speak any English. However, in Turkey, if you don’t know Turkish, you are not able to figure out anything.

The third difference is the history of the country. America has no long history. In contrast, Turkey has a long past; some places in Turkey hosted the first human community in civilization. For this reason, Turkey has a lot of historical places. For example, Istanbul has beautiful historical buildings, churches, and streets. Also, Turkey has a lot of different cultures. For example, every side of Turkey has different wedding traditions, dances, and foods. However, the traditional USA does not have as diverse a culture as Turkey.

In short, there are three differences between Turkey and the USA. Although the history of Turkey is better than the USA, the USA has more opportunities and human rights. I would rather live in the USA, but I would recommend visiting Turkey because you will see a lot of historical places and you will feel the history.