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How to Study for a Test
by Wafa (Saudi Arabia)

I came to the English institute to study in America six months ago. The teachers gave me tests, and I wanted to pass the tests. I want to explain how to study for a test.

I get up early, arrange my room, take a warm shower, arrange my thoughts, and arrange my books to study. I make a cup of coffee and type my plan to study for the day. I type the hard words, spell them, and each word ten times.
After two hours of studying, I take a rest for about an hour and then return to study again. I try to study because I want to succeed.

by Abu (Ethiopia)

Environment is the biggest issue in the world. Human beings need to have a clean environment. However, most people don’t care about or don’t have knowledge about how the world is affected through the plastic water bottle and non-decomposition of materials. But it affects many factors in our world.

There are so many kinds of plastic affecting the environment. When the plastic is under the ground, it never changes or decomposes. Also, the plastic has acid. It can affect the soil plants easily. Trash is the worst thing if you don’t throw it out the right way. Trash affects every human being through water, environment, and soil.

Animals are the part of our life and plastic affects them, too. Millions of seabirds are killed from the effect of plastic pollution every year. Seabirds ingest plastic items that cause intestine injury and death. Then, it passes up the food chain to bigger fish and marine life.

Humans are also affected by plastic. I think part of the problem is people have used so much plastic because it is easy to get a cheap. As you can see in all the shopping centers, you can use a bunch of plastic. And people buy food in plastic containers and water in bottle. Also, after they used it, they throw it out. Another effect is you may get cancer while you use too much packaged food and those plastic bottles.

In sum there are all kinds of things: different plastics spread through out the ocean and land that affect humans, animals, soil, plants, and weather. Because of this we have to teach people not to throw out the plastic and trash.