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How to Apply

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Admission Policies

Any person 17 years old or older, regardless of race, religion, or nationality may apply.

A U.S. immigration Form I-20 will be issued to a prospective student who applies to the Institute for one full-time term (seven weeks of classes) and who meets the financial requirement.

The student will take his or her passport and the Form I-20 to an American embassy or consulate outside the United States to request an F-1 (Student) Visa.

Students should not enter the U. S. A. on a B-2 (Tourist) Visa with the intent to change to an F-1 Visa upon entering IEI. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may deny such requests and the student will be asked to return to his/her country at once.

Admission to IEI does not constitute or guarantee admission to any university in the United States.


  • Complete the online application form
  • Provide financial documentation showing sufficient funds to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses for length of study. (Bank letter showing at least $21,100.00 per year is needed).
  • Provide a copy of your High School Transcript (grades)
  • Provide a copy of your passport
  • Send the application, copies of passport, transcript, financial documents, and fees to IEI:
    1. A $50.00 non-refundable application fee.
    2. A tuition deposit of US $100. This deposit will be applied to the student’s tuition. If the student does not enter the USA on IEI’s I-20, the tuition deposit may be refunded (minus any administrative expenses, including bank and courier/mail charges). If the request for refund is received in writing within 4 months of the initial IEI issued date. The unused I-20 will be immediately cancelled.
    3. You will need to pay a $200 SEVIS I-901 Fee to the US Government online at before your Visa interview. If you like you can pay the $200 fee to IEI with the fees above, and we will fill in the form, pay the fee, and send the I-901 receipt with your I-20 and other documents. (Optional)
  • IEI then sends the Form I-20 and acceptance letter to the student with a letter explaining step-by-step how the students applies for the F-1 (Student) Visa and goes to the American Embassy or Consulate near his or her home for the Visa interview.

For students already in the States on a F-1 student visa please submit:

  • Copy of your passport, visa, & all I-20’s
  • Transcripts from all schools attend in the USA
  • A completed Transfer In Form

Once we have all the needed documents, IEI will issue an acceptance letter. After registration, orientation, and attendance at the mandatory F-1 meeting, your new I-20 will be issued.

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New and returning students are strongly encouraged to complete testing on Registration day and begin attending all classes on “Day 1”, the first day of each term.  The early payment discount is only applied if payment is made in full on or before Day 1.

The late registration period ends at 4:00PM on “Day 5”, the fifth day of each term.  F-1 students may register and take placement tests up until Day 5.  All classes will be cancelled if a student has not finished testing, begun attending classes, and paid all tuition & fees (or provided a full financial guarantee (FG) or make payment arrangements with the Executive Director, including a payment of at least half) by Day 5.

New students will not be counted absent for classes they miss before they register, or while they are taking placement tests. Returning students are counted absent for each day they are not in a class, even if they arrive late.  There is no discount for missed classes and students are expected to catch up on all missed classwork.

New students (non F-1) registering after Day 5 may only take a reading and/or listening class on a space available basis.  The tuition costs may be pro-rated.

Academic Expenses: One Seven-Week Term

Application Fee (one time fee)
Full-time Tuition (20-25 hours per week)
— Part-time Tuition ( 5 hours per week) $600.00
— Part-time Tuition (10 hours per week) $1200.00
— Part-time Tuition (15 hours per week) $1800.00
Laboratory-Technology Fee
Institute Activity Fee
Medical Insurance (required)
Textbooks (estimated)
Housing Placement Fee (one time fee)

Tuition and fees for each term are due in full at the beginning of each term. Students must make payment in full before entering class. No refunds can be made for failure to complete the entire term.

Medical insurance is required for all F-1 students and dependents.

A policy is available through IEI, and the estimated costs per term are:
$168 students, $168 children, $390 spouses

If a student is covered in the USA by a comparable policy from the home country ($250,000 minimum coverage), written proof from the insurance company must be shown at registration.

Estimated Living Expenses: Per Month

Host Family (includes 14 meals per week)
Hotel (in Nashville)
Shared Unfurnished Apartment

It is estimated that students at the Institute will need approximately $1,600.00 to cover living and transportation expenses for a two-month term. Prices are approximate and are subject to change.

Term dates

Term Registration First day of class Last day of term
July/August 2017 June 26th June 29th August 17th
September/October 2017 September 5th September 8th October 25th
November/December 2017 October 26th October 31st December 20th
Term Registration First day of class Last day of term
January/February 2018 January 8th January 11th February 28th
March/April 2018 March 5th March 8th April 25th
May/June 2018 May 2nd May 7th June 22nd
July/August 2018 June 27th June 29th August 17th
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